Some fifteen years or so ago, at Open Solution Providers we had the urge to share our knowledge on Unix where we could and in any way, shape or form we could. One of the options to use our consultants at the time, was to book us for a day where customers could ask us anything – Unix related. We called it

The Guru is In!

The idea was that, although formal training is good for fundamental knowledge, it is not always possible to tailor a training to the knowledge needs of our customers. And a single-day consultancy assignment is hardly worth the effort.

“The Guru is In” – something in between training and consultancy

You might have some questions on (niche) subjects that are not covered in any training, for example.

Alternatively, we could help you with something hands-on work, too small for a formal consultancy assignment.

Or you need a ‘second opinion’ on something you have designed but are not 100% sure about.

We have spotted some demand for this kind of consultancy and informal demand-driven workshops on AWS and are happy to announce today

The Guru is Back!

With this re-newed service, brought to you by easytocloud, one of our AWS consultants comes visit your office to answer any questions you might have – AWS related, that is.

All we ask is for you to prepare is a room with a beamer and whiteboard. The interactive character of the sessions means we will not use any pre-cooked slides, but draw on whiteboard and demonstrate on our laptops instead.

State the overall type of questions you have (architecting, sysops, security, development) when you book, so that we can send the right ‘guru’.

The price for “The Guru is In” is € 1.250,– Add travel and expenses for deliveries outside of the Netherlands. To ensure the right amount of interaction, please make sure you have between 4 and 12 participants.

Call +31 20 49 50 224 today and get the guru in!