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Exam Prep

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Of course, at easytocloud we are all AWS certified- well, at least for the courses we deliver (that’s mandatory). Students often ask us; how can I best prepare myself?

I had a list of things prepared but- well I now see AWS does a far better job at Prepare for Certification. Some things I dare to add (but use the above link primarily):

  • Step 1: Take an AWS Training Class
  • Step 2: Review the Exam Guide and Sample Questions
  • Step 3: Practice with Self-Paced Labs and an Exam Prep Quest
    • And/or use the free tier when setting up a new (private) AWS account and retry some of the labs from the course you attended. Still worried about cost? Set up billing alerts.
  • Step 4: Study AWS Whitepapers
  • Step 5: Review AWS FAQs
  • Step 6: Take an Exam Prep Workshop
    • This may be new to some of you; 1/2 day workshop. At the time of writing, available for the Architecting Associate exam.
  • Step 7: Take a Practice Exam
    • I thinks this specifically is a good idea. Affordable real-live exam, requires account setup which you will need for the Real Exam anyway. Differs from the real exam in price and the fact it’s not-proctored.
  • Step 8: Schedule Your Exam and Get Certified
    • You’ll make it and even if you don’t, just reschedule, don’t panic.

I’m not going to promote all the smartphone apps that supposedly help you prepare; I have no experience with these at all.