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Exam Prep

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Of course, at easytocloud we are all AWS certified- well, at least for the courses we deliver (that’s mandatory). Students often ask us; how can I best prepare myself?

I had a list of things prepared but- well I now see AWS does a far better job at Prepare for Certification. Some things I dare to add (but use the above link primarily):

  • Step 1: Take an AWS Training Class
  • Step 2: Review the Exam Guide and Sample Questions
  • Step 3: Practice with Self-Paced Labs and an Exam Prep Quest
    • And/or use the free tier when setting up a new (private) AWS account and retry some of the labs from the course you attended. Still worried about cost? Set up billing alerts.
  • Step 4: Study AWS Whitepapers
  • Step 5: Review AWS FAQs
  • Step 6: Take an Exam Prep Workshop
    • This may be new to some of you; 1/2 day workshop. At the time of writing, available for the Architecting Associate exam.
  • Step 7: Take a Practice Exam
    • I thinks this specifically is a good idea. Affordable real-live exam, requires account setup which you will need for the Real Exam anyway. Differs from the real exam in price and the fact it’s not-proctored.
  • Step 8: Schedule Your Exam and Get Certified
    • You’ll make it and even if you don’t, just reschedule, don’t panic.

I’m not going to promote all the smartphone apps that supposedly help you prepare; I have no experience with these at all.



AWS Organisations Preview

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I hope we all got the message that we need multiple AWS accounts for isolation of resources; test, dev, prod, audit and billing, to name a few.

Manually creating these accounts and then setting up consolidated billing becomes a bit of a repeating exercise. You will end up with separate accounts that have just one thing in common; a billing account 🙂

AWS introduced ‘AWS Organisations’ in November 2016; allowing you to really create a hierarchy of accounts and manage security top-down. See AWS Organisations, currently in preview. And don’t worry about just using consolidated billing for now; these accounts will be automatically converted when AWS Organisations is generally available.




AWS SQS Major Update: FIFO Queues!

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SQS was the first web service AWS offered – back in 2004. We have gotten used to the CAP theorem, working with SQS queues that might deliver messages more than once, and perhaps not in the order they arrived.

But now there is a really major addition to the SQS service offering; FIFO queues. Guaranteed one-time deliver and in the correct order! Just take a look I took from the AWS Console (in Ohio) that clarified the differences really well:


AWS QuickSight

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We’ve been in the preview for QuickSight for a while now- looking forward to precisely this moment where AWS declares it open to the public!

Let’s see what we can do. The first thing comes to mind is use QuickSight to visualise a sample multi-account detailed billing report:


We have a few static websites running entirely of S3. Using S3 bucket access logs, we can now try and do some analysis on traffic and visitors. The first diagram nicely shows us what elements generate most outgoing-traffic (and thus, cost):


Of course there are many, many more options possible. If in doubt, look at the tutorial video’s in the QuickSight console. Thing is; the above screenshots were really created effortlessly – QuickSight living up to it’s promise!